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My motivation and my will to integrate the professional world allowed me to fall on your website I therefore seize this opportunity to send you my CV as well as my personal information so that you can study them so that I pick up from time to time jobs.From my 1st year at university until today, I have worked in many companies and design offices in Congo where I acquire a very interesting experience. This indeed corresponds to the first objective that I set for myself in my professional career. I have forged a significant professional spirit. I’m very passionate about your industry and I want to make a career out of it. Graduated in civil engineering and still being in training, I am curious, motivated and I know how to adapt quickly to a large number of positions both in their missions and in integration within a team. You will notice the speed with which I will adapt to whatever you are going to offer me. Indeed, this great school of civil engineering has developed in me a spirit of research which allows me to adapt to several fields.