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Getting Started

To create your account:

  • Click Join Now at the top right corner of
  • Enter your name, email address and review and agree to our Terms of Service
  • Select whether you want to Hire (Employer) or Work (Freelancer) and create a strong password.
  • Verify your email address with a 4 digit-verification code. Note: Your security code will expire after 24 hours.
  • Setup or skip setting up security questions that can help protect your account
  • Enter a valid mailing address to your account 

Note: You also have the option to create your account by linking with your social networks.

If you would also like to submit quotes to jobs on, you must create a separate freelancer account. Sign out of your employer account before creating a freelancer account.

Employers have full access to everything has to offer. You can find and hire freelancers, use our WorkRoom to communicate and share files, work securely via SafePay, and utilize our versatile invoicing and payment system. Just to name few.

Signing up and using the site is free.

Your account settings allow you to change your personal information.

Contact Information:

This tab allows you to change your name and location. It also allows you to verify a phone number and email address.

The “Company Name” field allows you to establish yourself as a company. will use your company name rather than your first and last name if you fill this out. We use your company name or real name in your invoice details.

NOTE: if your emails are bouncing and you suspect you’ve entered an incorrect email address, you may want to change your email using this page.

Screen Identity:

Change your screen name and profile picture here. Your screen name is your identity on our platform.

Email Settings:

You can view and control what types of emails we sent you here. You can also add a secondary email address. If you add a secondary email address we’ll send communications to that address as well as your primary email address.

Security Questions:

Set up and manage your security questions here. If you ever forget the answer to one or more questions you can change them here as long as you know your password.

ID Verification:

Start our ID Verification process to get your identity verified, which can make it easier to send payments to Freelancers. Rest assured that the information you provide is securely stored and reviewed.


You can change your username here. Your username is the primary method to login to


You can change your password here.

Delete Account:

Completely delete your account from this page. This is only possible if you do not have any funds tied up in SafePay.