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Posting Jobs

Posting a job:

  1. Click the “Post a Job” link from the menu bar on your Dashboard
  2. Provide the requested information.
  3. Click the “Post My Job” button.

You can add as much detail to your job posting as you like, but it should include the following:

  • An outline of the desired task or service.
  • A general description of the business requirements of the job.
  • A timeline detailing expected start and completion dates.

You’ll also have to choose the follow preferences when posting a job:

  • Job Category: You’ll want to pick the category that best fits your job.  If you’re not sure or want to keep it open choose “Any Category”.
  • Estimated Cost: How much you want to spend on this job.  If you’re not sure there’s a “Not Sure/Confidential” option.
  • Hourly/Fixed Price:  Decide if you want to pay someone by the hour or at one set cost.  This can be changed at any point until you approve an agreement.
  • Job Exposure:  You can decide who can view the job posting.  This cannot be edited after the job is posted.  There are three options:
  • Maximum: It’s indexed by search engines and there’s no restriction on who can see this.
  • Limited: Only users can see this post.
  • None:  Can only be seen by users you invite to the job.  If you don’t invite anyone within 24 hours the job will be made public to our users.
  • Posting Timeline: Chose when you want to stop receiving quote.  The default is 30 days, but you can set any timeline you like.
  • Attaching Files: You can attached up to 10MB to your job posting.  We support the following: .ACCDB, .AVI, .BMP, .DOC, .DOCX, .EPS, .GIF, .JPEG, .JPG, .MDE, .MOV, .MP3, .MP4, .MPE, .MPEG , .MPG, .PDF, .PNG, .PPS, .PPSX, .PPT, .PPTX, .PSD, .QXD, .SWF, .TIF, .TIFF, .TXT, .WAV, .WMV, .XLS, .XLSX, .ZIP.

Feature your job and help it stand out in a crowd! When you feature a job, we highlight your post with a green banner so it really pops.

Freelancers can also refine their search for jobs to see only jobs that are featured on our site. So, it’s great way to show Freelancers, you mean business and only costs $29.95!

Just select the checkbox that says, “Yes! Feature my job posting for 30 days”, click Post Job and get ready to start receiving quotes!

After 30 days, if the job is still open, it will return to a standard job post.

Note: You can only choose to feature your job when it is initially posted. If you want to add this feature to an existing job you will need to repost the job.

f the following:

  • Under Review: Your job is being reviewed by our quality assurance team. You will receive an email when your job is published or if it cannot be posted
  • Open Days Left: Tells you how long your job will be able to receive quotes.  You can extend or close this at any time.
  • Closed: The job is no longer able to receive quotes.  You are able to open this again, at any time.
  • Not Approved: Our Quality assurance team did not approve your job posting.  You should receive an email with a further explanation.

Note: If your job was not approved you’re welcome to adjust the listing to meet our standards and post the job again.

When it comes posting a job on our site, we have two basic rules — you have to hire and pay on our site. However, we do want to provide a fair and safe environment for all our user’s and internet neighbors.

With that in mind, your job might not be approved if any of these apply:

  • Commission Only – Your payment structure has to include an established payrate for work provided. You can incentivize your freelancer with commission, but it can’t be everything.
  • Requires Unpaid Work – Any work provided has to be paid for. After hiring a Freelancer, you can ask for mock-ups, but you would have to pay for that work.
  • Direct Hire – Our site is for freelance or contract work only. If you’re looking to hire someone for your company directly, we would not be able to post your job listing.
  • Involves Schoolwork – Sorry, your education is more valuable than what you’re willing to pay someone else to do it for you. Time to hit the books.
  • Advertisements – Sales, event announcements, and classified listing won’t be approved.
  • Need More Detail – Freelancers need to know what you’re looking for. Be as specific as possible. If we don’t have enough information to match you with a freelancer, or at least narrow down the results, we’ll ask you to provide a bit more detail.
  • Poor Chance of Success – We don’t know if we’re the best place for you to post this Job. Honestly, that could be for several reasons, if you have questions please reach out.
  • Potential Violation of TOS – You can’t post anything that violates another company’s or our Terms of Service.
  • Unapproved Payment Method – We don’t allow royalty/equity-based compensation, bartering/ trading, or any other payment gateways. Payments have to be made through our site — you can use check, e-check, wire-transfer, credit card, or PayPal.