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How does it work?

Create your online project brief. Start by describing what you think you’ll need - be specific. In minutes, you’ll easily create a detailed brief that outlines your specific requirements, skills, budget and timeline.

At ForPX, we don’t believe projects are too large or too small, we believe in finding the right person (or persons) to get the job done.


Get quotes, guaranteed!

Sit back and relax as thousands of freelancers and agencies review your project description. Be prepared for interested contractors to ask questions or provide valuable feedback.

Contractors with the skills you need will submit quotes and proposals to try to win your business.


Review, compare, select

Review feedback and answer any questions the contractors might have. Compare the quotes provided to narrow down to your selection to the best 2 or 3 contractors. Then scan your finalists' profile to see their portfolio, work history and evaluations from other happy ForPX clients to select the one for you.


A job well done

You’ve posted your project, found your contractor and finalised secure payment. All you need to do now is set milestones and monitor the progress of your project until it’s complete.

Remember to evaluate your contractors work, and you’ll earn recommendations yourself.