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Create a 3D animation that can be used for music branding

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelMedium Level
  • Project deadlineExpired

Project detail

I am starting to create a business model for my music producing business and am in the works of rebranding. I had a vision that in this model has super long blue icy hair, have no facial features (kind of like a mannequin head) and be body will be completely black.

Here is a short overview of my brand

Brand look:

The 2 sec animation will have dark background and will portray vibrant, icy, mysterious, lightning and supervillain somehow.

Brand sound: melodic, lonely, mechanical, alien

I know this is pretty vague as of right now, but was hoping to collaborate with you and share ideas. Please make sure that all work is royalty free and is your own work that can be used for commercial use.

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