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Data Entry in Excel ( Elgad)

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a week
  • Project LevelMedium Level
  • Project deadline12/08/2020

Project detail

i need to copy the data into the red line into an unique excel file:

-“Data” inside column A

-“Descrizione operazioni” inside column b

-“Valuta” into column C

-“Dare” into column D

-“Avere” into column E

After the file called “ec dicembre 2010”

-“Data” inside column A

-“Valuta” into column B –

-“Descrizione operazioni” inside column C

-“USCITE” into column D

-“ENTRATE” into column E


– In italy commas are for decimals and not points! so please use commas for decimals

– In Italy point “.” is for thousands. Please don’t insert the point into excel cell. ( for example if you have to insert 1.000,00 in excel you have to digit into the cell only 1000 and not 1.000)

-In my place the dates ( column A) are dd/mm/year and not mm/dd/year i need this way of writing dates.


To check the file on excel i suggest to check the inital balance ( “saldo iniziale”) and the final balance ( “saldo finale”). So use another column and call it “ balance” on excel and add another row 1 with the inital balance. IN the row 2 insert the formula ( row 1 – addebiti + accrediti) ( translation is row 1 + credit amount) – (debit amount)) -. Do this for all the rows and match the value of the final balance.

i want to find a STABLE AND LOYAL partner because i have A LOT of data to entry so please do an amazing job. All the number must be correct! i don’t use OCR. If you want you can use it but YOU HAVE TO CHECK all the data before send it to me.

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